Monday, September 5, 2011

My Green Home

My Green home plan (will keep editing and updating this post as i do more analysis and implement if possible):
  1. Solar based electricity
  2. Sun based water heaters - cooking and bathing
  3. Biogas plant
  4. Rain water harvesting
  5. Possible changes in  Architecture??
  6. Water vapor (Solar) based cooler ??
  7. Lifestyle considerations??
  8. Heat storing oil??
  9. Gym that recharges the battery!??
  10. Water purifier (filtering and boiling) (Solar - based on forming and water vapor and reforming water)
  1. Solar based electricity: Solar energy can be converted to electricity and used for various purposes - this setup can be integrated with the outside electricity grid/without. If high amount of electricity is produced it can be provided to the outside world.
Solar panels - size (x*x*x) - volume occupied - cost - lifetime  - watts - volts - amp
Wiring - size/length - type - cost - lifetime
Inverter - volume - cost - lifetime - environmental safety -
Switches/boards -
Cost analysis - per month electricity spending = (total cost of installation + maintanence)/(number of years)
Labour costs: ??

Organizations to contact in India: Aurore, India:
  1. Sun based water heaters:
    Noon time can be used to pre-heat cooking water - will save gas
  2. Biogas plant: Kitchen waste, human waste and other biodegradable waste can be converted to biogas; the conversion is done naturally with help of bacteria’s to  biogas that can be used for cooking.

    Set up: Will require procuring a biogas plant, laying pipes to transport gas to kitchen, laying out methods to dispose waste to biogas plant.
  1. Rain Water Harvesting: During rainy season, the water from rain can be stored to underground based water storage tanks; which can be used later on.
  2. Possible changes in Architecture: Changes to house construction - materials, architecture to improve the below mentioned things:
    1. Waste material during house construction
    2. Better ventilation for cooler house (eg: longer house tops)
  3. Water Vapor (Solar Based) Cooler: Is it possible to create coolant - that runs on water vapor. Sun heats and  creates water vapor - and the expanding water vapor cools the surrounding  - for cooler homes??
  4. Lifestyle considerations: Eg: Getting up early and going to bed early - we will use less lightings?
  5. Heat Storing Oil: Recently I saw in Discovery about discovery of heat storing oil - which is heated up from solar light and used to produce electricity through conventional water vapor based plants. Can this be used to store heat and use it during night time - say for cooking?
  6. Gym that recharges You and the Battery: Would it be good to design and build a gym that recharges say batteries of your phone!? And thinking of more possibilities…
  7. Water purifier: Based on solar power - we can heat water to form water vapors and reform water - this will leave out most of the heavy dust/impurities out - is it possible?

Software: System Integration (EAI/SOA)

Systems/Applications initially used to connect directly with each other. For example, in a J2EE environment, the code was specifically written from scratch to connect File System, Databases, EIS systems (CRM, BRM, ERP). This lead to Spaghetti like system where each application/system connects to the other independtly. If applications are more, the integration will be a real complex.

Then came idea of using adaptors, custom adaptors where developed, which encapsulated the code to connect to other applications. Certain standards like JCA where followed to build these adaptors so that they can run on wide variety of standard application servers. Adaptors provided a simpler way to connect systems, with adaptors it became more of a plug and play. To use an adaptor, use the provided API’s to connect and manage data on other sytem, use connection properties to be provided to API to connect to the other system. As API’s where standard, the code written should be able to run with any other adaptor for the similar system.

Another way of communication is to use Queues (for example JMS). Queues was used for guaranteed messaging, as message was retained in queue till the other system pick it up. Two types of queues, is simple queues and Publish and Subscribe based queues.

Parallely came idea of using Service Bus, these where independent systems, that where used to store connection information, route and transform messages (hence store message meta data model). Also they started providing, various ways of communication in one system - synchronous, asynchronous, session, REST, queues, http, adaptors, web services, etc. These systems ideally had a normal message format, to which all incoming message was converted, and then based on the required system, it was reconverted to the format that the recieving system required. This step provided extra decoupling from recieving system message format and helped coders on other system to only connect to ESB. Also connection information, adaptor related configuration information now became part of this bus.

Next came idea of Web-Services based inter-operatability. Where all systems are supposedly to provide, a standard based web-services oriented communication front. Thus all systems had this as a common language. And hence could easily communicate using this. The Service bus, rather became more of orchestrator now, with new advanced services, like BPM’s using enabling routing, transforming, and keeping track of these activities as well. UDDI provided a standard way to register/store the web-services and helped in discovering and using them.

A Flat Company

<11/Aug/2011: An Edit>
I will put the basis of this idea as three principles below:

1.       Universal love: Love for each and all beings and things – if it is contained in a human – then we can move forward better. In other words; if I may quote from Geetha: “I see the self/the lord in all; in all forms & non-forms, in all life & in all material, in everything & in nothing.” Or more scientifically – oneness of all things/connectivity of all things. Eg: see butterfly effect
2.       Growth: Growth from a different perspective, I mean not of economic growth that is currently based on ego. I would rather keep the above first principle in perspective, and growth of human kind, to higher possible states – both mental and technical. As we from nature, it always strives for growth; even if it fails it comes back again better, so this has to be our nature.
3.       Not to forget above two ;)
Itss a new business idea - or is it new?? Idea is to have a company or a business entity, where all people working for the company have equal value. Let me elaborate more: equal salaries, equal power.

Ideally, all the people who form this entity/company/community are equal to each other. They have equal value, this is the basic culture that has to be ingrained within each person.

To achieve this equal value, all members will have equal salaries or equal returns for their work done. From the manager who manages things to the sweeper who cleans, has same income. If one feels that a job - eg. sweepers - is less valuable then lets consider removing the job! Also we remember that each person strives to contribute best for the company, in whatever way the person can; and all person have equal value.  To remove competition: I feel that competition is a way to achieve disparity, trying to put a person or something before the other. I do understand that an healthy competition, where we try to decide what is best for a given situation is good. However it should not be between people (particularly to achieve material benefits). To better oneself/aim for perfection: Yes, with out competition we do can improve. It has to be part of the culture, in the blood of each person to improve. To do better. We do require to compare; but that comparison is for improvement not to belittle anyone. One has to work out of willingness, pleasure and not out of compulsion. One can always compete with oneself! Jack of all trades, master of one: Most people are master of one particular trade/work. However, the community culture should allow for rotation of jobs. Everybody should work in everybody else’s shoes, at-least one time. That means one has to handle jobs from being a manager to a sweeper at-least one time. Equal division of power: I don’t clearly know how to achieve that. The rotation of job, removal of competition, equal access to money will help. Trust plays an important role here. Also the ability to take decisions in a more democratic way can help. I however await for more better ideas from you.

Hmm.. this is not fully concrete an idea in my mind. But I surely did like it, for it will strive to achieve equality to all individuals. If this can work out to give all basic necessities of life to a person.. i would be :D

I do believe its possible… please comment…

An algorithm to find factors or primes in linear time - I was wrong!!

 Edited: I was wrong in this case on as how to find the time complexity of an algorithm. At another forum I got a more correct evaluation, for reading the answer yourself please check this link:
This algorithm doesn’t find factors or decides if a given number is prime in linear time. Apologies for the mistake. End Edited
Prime Numbers had fascinated me for some time. Particularly when I studied in my school and college, I came across them as numbers which had just two factors, 1 and itself. While in college (around 2003), I came to know of the interesting find that even computers found it hard to find if a given number is prime or not. And our simple practice C and Java programs usually had a prime number finding program apart from the usual “Hello World”.
As our studies got advanced I came across algorithm analysis and knew that basic prime finding algorithms are in fact exponential in time.This kept me thinking, in this world where we say nothing is impossible.. can one not find an algorithm or way to find if a given number is prime or not faster.
Hmm.. after working around with circles if they could give an answer, finally I was able to find a way to find factors of a given number (hence primes too) in linear time.
Below is the skeleton of the algorithm, that I realized:
 Input: A Number (whose factors is to be found)
 Output: The two factors of the Number. If the one of the factor found is 1 then it can be concluded that the number is prime.

 Declare integers N, mL, mR, r, temp1;
 mR = mL = square root of (N); //square root is rounded to integer if required.
 /*Check if perfect square*/
 if mL*mR equals N then
   r = 0; //answer is found
 mR = N/mL;
 r = N%mL;
 while mL not equals r do
   while mL is greater than r do
      mL = mL-1;
      r = r+ mR;
   while mL is smaller than r do
      r = r - mL;
      mR = mR+1;
 mR = mR + 1;
 r = 0;
 End; //mR and mL has answer
Above the algorithm is given in its simplest form, in which I realized it. This algorithm takes about 5*N (where N is the given number) time to find if a given number is prime or not. Also we can definitely make it faster, by observing patterns and devising newer ones based on the one above; as I had done after several test runs.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to know more about this or want to know about the faster version.


Thoughts are hard to verbalize, or write… words are not enough yet let me try to convey what I want to.. I need your help, understanding, patience.


Imagine you are god, a god I imagine, I know, I feel, a God who can do everything, anything .. anything imaginable by you. Its important to understand “anything”.. u can create multiverse (multiple universes), u can create light in darkness. You can create fire inside water, or …..

Well, God I mean you; all powerful you, will you be bored, will you knowing all that is going to happen, happened, try to be in his position in his shoes. I am not getting at what I want to convey exactly…

The whole universe - everything including everything - what does it come too? Does it come to nothing? Well its just not words, its about feeling it knowing the nothingness in you, knowing it at the core of your being.

Once I experienced it, I was depressed, seeing no more meaning in life, feeling no more life in the life. Depressed and dead to core.. the nothingness helps for rebirth.. to find something beyond the nothingness…

I will update.. ahead further as I further explore in myself.